Optimize Your PC and Save a Tree!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Fun Stuff

Have you ever wondered how much energy your computer consumes?

  • A typical desktop computer consumes around 65-250 watts.
  • The attached monitor adds another 80 watts surplus if you use an old-school 17″ CRT; but significantly less (15-70 watts) if you are using an LCD monitor.
  • A notebook seldom consumes more that 60 watts.
  • Don’t overlook your wireless router because it’s going to cost you 10-15 watts.
  • During standby, most devices use around 1-6 watts. However, there is this ‘One Watt Initiative’ that aims to cap device’s power usage at 1 watt when in standby mode.

Recently I started using Granola – a free power management software. The company that develops it, Miserware, claims that the software brings about 35% reduction in CPU power consumption without sacrificing performance. Personally, I like to use it to extend my laptop’s battery life and I would recommend this software to every PC users. The official website is grano.la. Granola


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