Canvas in HTML 5

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Fun Stuff

The HTML5 specification has been out for quite some time. Recently in this year, major browsers such as Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome has added support for the new HTML5 specification. For the novice end-users like most of us, we have not felt any difference with the new browsers. One reason is that it takes time for the web sites to make use of the newly introduced features in HTML5.

One of the new feature is the canvas element. It supports for dynamic, scriptable 2D drawing onto the web page itself. The canvas element also boasts hardware-acceleration – using your graphics card to help make the 2D rendering smoother and faster.

Enough for the introduction, here are some demos using the canvas element. These demos are different than those of Adobe Flash or Java Applets that we are used to during those days behind. Your browser supports the canvas natively without any plugins installed. That’s the greatness of HTML5!

End note: There are already many javascript-based game engines being actively developed. These game engines utilize the capabilities of current browsers, for instance, the canvas element, css3, AJAX, etc. Here is one of my favorite introduction of the Aves game engine.


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