Notes to Self

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Notes

One of the wonderful things about programming is that you are constantly learning and dealing with something new. Once in a while I would figure out how to install or use a new piece of software, how to troubleshoot a computer or software bug, how to integrate a new API, etc. It is always tempting to jot down what that I have learned. It helps both to serve as a reference in the future and to consolidate the knowledge that I have attained.

Previously, I’ve always written these little notes on the papers. I found it difficult to keep track of the notes I’ve produced over the years, besides being inconvenient for reference because I always work on my computer. Meanwhile, I love the joy of sharing it with others and therefore I am now putting aside this category named “Notes” in my blog for all the notes I would write to myself.

Finally, it’s my hope that you, the reader, will benefit from the little notes I wrote.


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