Windows 8 Pre-Beta Available for Download

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Operating System

Three days ago, Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Developer Preview, which is a pre-beta version, and is available for everyone to download. It has support for Intel and ARM processor, but the ARM based version is not ready for preview yet.

The new Windows 8 features a Metro style interface, which is specially designed for mobile device such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with a touch-screen functionality. The newly designed touch interface makes navigation by fingers highly intuitive and natural.

Besides, it will run Internet Explorer 10, a Metro style browser optimized for touch-browsing, and the new Windows Store will host thousands of free and commercial apps.

Meanwhile, for the general x86 and x64 PCs, the user can still switch to the more powerful desktop interface. Therefore, all Windows 7 desktop application may continue to work on Windows 8.

Below are some screenshots of new interface.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Metro style Start Screen

Touch Keyboard

Windows 8 Touch Keyboard


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