Thunderbolt – The Fastest I/O Ever

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Hardware

I don’t know much about computer hardware but I certainly like powerful hardware.

Today, we have external hard disk. Tomorrow we are going to have external GPUs hosted in docking stations in our homes. Imagine this. You carry a lightweight notebook around when you only need to online, but once you are back at home, you plug in your notebook into some external GPUs to turn it into a true workstation. This is one of the vision developed at Intel,  and is now possible due to the new Thunderbolt interface.

Thunderbolt is designed as an interface that carries the PCI Express and DisplayPort through a serial data interface. At a theoretical maximum speed of 20Gbps, it is currently the highest throughput achievable through conventional copper wires. The interface is also able to transfer a maximum of 10W of power to the connected device.

Thunderbolt Speed Comparison

Thunderbolt Speed Comparison


If you could now move PCIe device out of your computer, that would leave much room for imagination of what you can do. Currently, Apple is the installing Thunderbolt in its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini.


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