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by Zach Barnett

This is an interesting read on intelligent machines and artificial intelligence. You may access the article through this link:



DuckDuckGo, the three-year-old search engine has recently registered a traffic of more than a million searches per day. What differentiates it from other major search engine like Google and Bing is like it features a don’t-track, don’t-bubble privacy policy. According to them,

When you search Google, and click on a link, your search term is sent to that site, along with your browser & computer info, which can often uniquely identify you. That’s creepy, but who cares about some random site?

Those sites usually have third-party ads, and those third-parties build profiles about you, and that’s why those ads follow you everywhere. That’s creepy too, but who cares about some herpes ads?

Your profile can also be sold, and potentially show up in unwanted places, like insurance, credit & background checks. But there’s more. Remember your searches?

Google also saves them. Your saved searches can be legally requested, and then come back to bite you (happens). Or a bad Google employee could go snooping (happens). Or Google could get hacked (happens). That’s why we don’t send your searches to other sites. Or store any personal information at all.

That’s our privacy policy in a nutshell. So don’t get tracked when searching.
Use DuckDuckGo instead.


On the issue of customized or tailored search result, they also wrote:

When you search the Internet, search engines now show different results to different people.

Results are tailored to who you are, based on your search history and your click history.

Since you often click on things you agree with, you keep getting more and more of what you already agree with, which means other stuff gets demoted (effectively filtered).

This raises the question: what are you missing?

In other words, you are living in a Filter Bubble that promotes things it thinks you’ll like, and demotes (effectively filters) out some of the rest, which may limit your exposure to opposing information.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to pop your filter bubble, because the technology is used so much across the Internet.

We offer you an alternative: a search engine that breaks you out of your Filter Bubble by default, plus other differences like real privacy.

Try DuckDuckGo today.