Copying to my pendrive at 461MB/s? Windows 7 reports false transfer speed.

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Operating System
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False Transfer Speed in Windows 7

False Transfer Speed in Windows 7

What an incredible transfer speed? Is it an SSD? No. It is a NTFS-formatted Kingston DT-101 G2 USB 2.0 16GB pendrive.

I notice that windows report false transfer speed when copying to a NTFS-formatted pendrive. The issue, however, is not observed when the same pendrive is formatted in FAT32. The speed displayed seems to be reading speed from my SSD into the main memory. This is because the progress bar will stop at the position shown in the screenshot and the final bit of transfer seems to take forever. The whole file is cached in the memory before being written into the pendrive, since the disk cache size is observed to increase significantly during the transfer. At the moment, however, I cannot confirm what is causing the problem because I do not find any similar issue on the internet.


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