I am a 2nd year degree student taking a course in Mechatronics Engineering. The reason I choose this course is because the nature of the subject itself, which is constantly evolving and it involves all those cutting-edge technology. Imagine designing the next- generation humanoid robots, with the most complex ‘brain’ built-in to emulate the behavior of humans, or creating futuristic self-steering vehicle, coordinated by laser range sensors, angled cameras, and advanced GPS….

However, thoughts may not come true in reality. The course disappoints me. In my first two years, we learned about basic electric and electronics principles, basic programming, mechanics theory, and control system. There is nothing wrong in fact,  as mechatronics is a combination the four components exactly. The problem within me is that the subjects are too dead, there’s nothing new about it and there’s nothing that can capture my vivid imaginations.

Then I turned to programming. It was the ability to create “something” out of “nothing”, and the pleasure resulting that lured me into writing software myself. The field of programming is never the same as it was ten years ago, nor will it be the same after ten years from now. It is ever-changing, as the technology keeps updating itself and newer processors and devices keeps popping out. In the game industry, the old cartridge-based consoles have given way to newer consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and Nintendo Wii. This means that a programmer coding games twenty years ago may not be any better than a fresh graduate programmer in building a game application, unless the veteran programmer has been constantly learning and updating himself. This situation puts all programmers, old and young, in a level playing field, because all of us have to start learning and adapting every time a new technology is released.

This blog will become a log book for all the things that I am constantly learning in the world of programming and software, besides some other things that I might be interested in. But no worries! I would try to be apprehensive to the layman as close as possible. Technical terms will be avoided as much as possible and if some of those terms are used, they will be explained in the “List of Jargons” at the bottom each post.

Just some points on my other interest. I’m looking forward to opening my own company before graduating but now I’m still in search for opportunities. Working after graduating certainly has never come across my mind. Let’s wait and see.


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